GGW Photo Contest

Fiery Orange and a Little Black and White

This image is the result of using a clear jar with feathers in the bottom surrounded by feathers around the outside of the jar. It is lighted by a high intensity, incandescent, drafting light illuminating from the rear. It is my submission for the GGW Picture This Photo Contest.

It has a feel of fire the way the jar distorts the outside feathers and washes out detail inside the jar.  I was trying for an abstract look with only the center recognizable. The lighting brought out unexpected vibrance of hot color. No camera flash was used. The actual feather color is white and salmon.

Below are closeup images of the feathers in the jar. These are actually my preferred shots, but they really do not have the spirit of the contest.

The one below is outside in the snow, in bright sun. You can really see how natural light makes a huge difference. The feathers that are white, remain white.

Early this morning, my feathers went outside in natural morning light and I shot for B&W. The jar is submerged in snow, which actually did little for my images. It did not give a good range from white to black which is necessary in a good B&W image. Too many midtone grays and it looks too flat. I could have fixed this in Lightroom since this was a raw image, but left it as it was. All other color photos are shot as jpeg.

No enhancing, but a better balanced shot for the gray tones, but still no clean whites. No jar either.


16 thoughts on “GGW Photo Contest

  1. I really like that silhouette in monochrome. I’m not very good at choosing the right shot to convert into black and white.

    I really like your take on the mason jar macro – I hope you do well in the competition. Can you use any jar or does it have to be a mason as I don’t have a mason one but plenty of empty ordinary ones.

  2. This is my first visit to your blog and I’m totally inspired. I am going to paint my bedroom and am thinking a soft dove gray will be just right. Your fiery orange shot for the contest is unique.

  3. Creatively done, I love the first photo, very fiery and achieved the theme macro in a jar look, though the light gave the jar a distorted look. Last photo is so great too!

  4. Hi – I was just looking at the gallery with all the competition entries, and yours is one of my favourites: it has just that sense of mood and mystery that judge David Perry wanted, and the light is gorgeous! Good luck. It will be fascinating to see what he makes of all the entries.

  5. Dear GAGarden, The rich amber glow of your feathers is a welcome sight on a very dreary, grey and cold day in London. As I do not have a camera, the technicalities of your photography leave me totally blank but I do admire the professionalism of the end result. I wish you luck with the competition.

    I have just found you in the maze of Blotanical and have so enjoyed my visit. I shall return.

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