Just Barely Out the Door

When you are creating and designing your home and the experience of accessing the home, it is important to pay special attention to the transition between inside and outside; that space just outside the doors. What is the feel you want to achieve for visitors and what is the experience you wish to have looking out into the garden?

The home above uses large windows soaring to 30 feet to make you feel like you are sitting in the garden from the comfort of your sofa. The architect made it a priority to merge the indoor and outdoor spaces.  The bluestone runs from the terrace into the interior space above, viewed under the piano. It is a literal connecting element. This is no accidental view or connection to the garden and mountains beyond.

There is no doubt what this designer had in mind for this terrace space above. Sitting and relaxing in the countryside. The repeating seating and french doors in black is masterful.

An antiques dealer combines eclectic  pieces on her veranda with varying patinas and finishes. The blue chair is a wonderful addition to this vignette below. Notice the old cart, such unexpected interest.

Veranda, March 2010, five images above

A tiny well decorated space right outside the apartment. Barely a balcony at the width of the boxwood’s pot, but imagine if it was not there. Sometimes if you think about what a space would be like if an element was missing, it can either make you say ‘wow that’s great’ or ‘oh, it is better with less’. Above… wow, that’s great.

This is a great example of connecting inside to outside. You see right through the house from front to back. And what an entry! As gorgeous as the rear garden appears, I would not hesitate to explore this home.

Veranda, October 2009

A beautiful and graciously charming entry courtyard with a mirrored niche and octagonal windows in the Mediterranean Revival home. The symmetrical boxwood parterres and containers work perfectly with the herringbone brick walk. Such elegance.

Veranda, September 2009 above and below

This terrace, above and below, is landscaped with containers filled with Arborvitae, boxwood and lantana. White birch give the space presence and height. The basil, spearmint and parsely give the dining experience fragrance, and the cook a little fresh herbs.

A narrow terrace, but beautifully appointed.


5 thoughts on “Just Barely Out the Door

  1. Dear Donna, What a wonderful selection of outside spaces you feature here, all of which as you say show a very clever and smooth transition between the inside and outside of the house. Borrowing the landscape can be so effective in making rooms appear much larger than they actually are, but it is so important to ensure that the outside areas really do flow seamlessly and reflect rather than jar with the architecture of the house.

  2. I love these photos. I constantly watch design shows (seems I am always decorating and moving) and I know I am supposed to do something at the door. My problem has always been there has never been any space at the door. Either there is a big ugly tree right out the front door (blocking the view – in and out ) or only room for one planter or display piece. Indoors there is never a foyer or transition, just right into the living room. Perhaps I am picking the wrong places to live?

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