What About Us?

It is always the pretty bees and butterflies that get the glory. 

We may not be as pretty, but we have purpose.

Plus, we hang out on the same plants that the bees like.

We pollinate too! Even if it is by accident.

And some of use help with those pests you wish were not in your garden.

Some of us are really tiny, but some of your plants are just the right size for us. And we get places others can’t.

Down the hatch.

All the world is our stage. We like to pose, what do you think?


Here’s Looking at Cha!

f5.6, ISO 200 35mm focal length D7000  Hand held at 1/25s. This was an auto setting, most likely Landscape mode. The lens, 17-35mm f/2.8, so I had low light options.

Everybody needs a friend. See the tiny bug on the little frog’s eye? Have a Happy Monday.

When the Light is Just Right for Photography

Even Field Finds are Foto Fantastic

Morning light makes the landscape lively and lush, both for the homeowner and the photographer shooting it. In photography, the softness of light brings life to the smallest of detail, shown above in the fine silk webbing glistening like crumpled cellophane. Or below with the grass heads with a satiny sheen. We are in a natural landscape, not one designed, but the principles are the same. All the images are shot on Cliff Island off the coast of Maine.

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