Maine Fauna

These are some of the animals, insects and birds I saw when I was visiting Maine. I am pretty sure I saw for mere seconds, a Bald Eagle in flight, but could not photograph it. I could not focus the camera that quickly.  I also saw a porpoise, and did get a clear photo, but only of it as it dove underwater. When it surfaced again, it was very far away. So here you will see the animals I did capture, although many were very far away too. Continue reading


Macro World – Look Into My Eyes

In this small world all the insects get along pretty well foraging the same plants, or so it seems. There are a few to stay clear of.

I was using a Nikkor 60mm and 105mm, f2.8 lenses on a Nikon D7000. The setting was mostly consistent at a manual setting of 1/2000s f7.1 at ISO 1000. The speed of the shutter was so the camera could have a greater depth of field at f7.1, but more importantly, to catch some in flight. With the shutter speed so high, I did not have to worry as much on focusing by hand holding the camera.  Is it not a little spooky getting this close to see the eyes up close?

When shooting this close up, a manual setting is pretty necessary for good focus. Focusing on the eyes is where you want to point the camera because often, the rest of the body will blur out if not kept in the same plane as the head. You can see that in the bee on the pumpkin flower. The closer you get to the subject, the less that will stay focused at that distance. Continue reading