What About Us?

It is always the pretty bees and butterflies that get the glory. 

We may not be as pretty, but we have purpose.

Plus, we hang out on the same plants that the bees like.

We pollinate too! Even if it is by accident.

And some of use help with those pests you wish were not in your garden.

Some of us are really tiny, but some of your plants are just the right size for us. And we get places others can’t.

Down the hatch.

All the world is our stage. We like to pose, what do you think?


Maine Fauna

These are some of the animals, insects and birds I saw when I was visiting Maine. I am pretty sure I saw for mere seconds, a Bald Eagle in flight, but could not photograph it. I could not focus the camera that quickly.  I also saw a porpoise, and did get a clear photo, but only of it as it dove underwater. When it surfaced again, it was very far away. So here you will see the animals I did capture, although many were very far away too. Continue reading

This Post is Not Very Good

Why this post is ‘Not Good’? It bugs me, and the pun is intended.

I got a spammed comment on a Garden Walk Garden Talk post on Dragonflies from a photography site that stated, “This post is not very good. Do you know of any links that might have better work.” At first, I felt like writing back and saying, “I don’t care if you are a professional, you just try to capture these fast-moving little buggers without a tripod with a heavy freaking lens.”  But, knowing better, I refrained. Here are my second stringers from that photo shoot where that comment was supposed to be visible on GWGT.

Well, I know it is most probably a mass comment sent to many and really does not relate to my blog directly, but come on people, do you think anyone is going to approve a comment like this one? Or even respond since that is likely your intent? It did make me risk titling my post as such, knowing people may say, “What’s the point in wasting my time.”

It did get me thinking though about a post I read a couple of days ago. It was entitled Flickr Will Make You a Bad Photographer. It was posted by a professional photographer and I have to say, I agree to a point.

In fact, I participated in a meme recently and went to a few links that the comments were sickly sweet. Yes, some sites had exceptional work and amazing macro work, but a few had what was way less than mediocre. And on these sites I could not even leave a comment because I did not want to say anything less glowing than fellow commenters.

One comment was “Superb macro, simply amazing.” The shot was of…well I can not even tell you, but it was pretty bad and greatly out of focus. And this was not the intention I am sure.  I know I do not always post the best images but most are at least passible, or they are explained why they are not good like the blurry flying dragonflies. I usually have a point to make with a bad image.

Anyway, I will stop my rant and encourage you to see Brian’s post. He was brave enough to post the image that he thought did not deserve the accolades, along with the poster’s name. Yikes, that took some nerve. He has some wise words too, and like I mentioned, I agree with him. Here is his opening partial paragraph meant to be helpful.

“Flickr is the most popular image sharing site on the internet.  It started off great, but recently a disturbing trend has emerged among its’ users.  One of the best things you can get as a photographer, whether new or experienced, is good feedback and criticism.  Good or bad, it helps you see things you may not see yourself.”

His site has his gallery of work and you can make your own judgement on his abilities, but it was his observation that got my attention.

Plus he posted the comments left for the image, most of them from photographers listing themselves as pros. Boy, this guy really should have watched his posting because his professional website is linked to his blog.

In a way, I would not mind his constructive criticism on my second stringers. Like he says, it only makes your work stronger. But, my images are not on Flickr and I doubt he trolls the garden blogs.