Cliff Island Ocean Textures Are Art

The image above was taken at the Robert E. Perry home on Eagle Island off the coast of Maine in Casco Bay. I will be posting on this historic site shortly. What you are seeing is the stairs leading up to the home, with side walls covered in a golden/orange lichen.  It seemed very unique to this area and island, but I did notice a small amount of it on two other islands that I visited.

These are rocks in the clear waters of Casco Bay.

This is looking almost at water level as waves rippled across the bay. Seaweed floats atop the water.

This remarkable rock formation was photographed on Eagle Island. It is rock washed by the ocean and weathered over the years.

This the one of the beaches with the water flowing in and out with the tides.

Another photo of pretty rock coated in lichen.

Seaweed washed up on black rock on Eagle Island.

A sea anemone that I found at Carolyn’s beach.

This was a cliff face on Cliff Island.

Mussels taken by gulls and covered in ocean water at low tide.

Red seaweed washed ashore on the beach covered in rock.

Black seaweed laying across washed beach stone.

Another shot looking down through the clear waters. The sun is making the unique pattern in the water.

More cliff rock.

A birch log washed ashore.

Millions of colorful snail shells at water’s edge.

Barnacles coating the rock.

A pretty still-life of mussels and snails on the beach.

Odd place for an oak leaf. And below, hand-made glass. Amazing art that I will show later as well.

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3 thoughts on “Cliff Island Ocean Textures Are Art

  1. Donna I really love textures especially rocks and beaches. You have captured some incredible art. I think my favorite is the rock formation on Eagle Island and the rocks in the water. I look forward to future posts about your adventures and visits.

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