Ode to the Kitty Photo

I did a post on GWGT where it was mentioned by some very well-known photographers that shooting flowers was not recommended as serious photography subjects.

More for not putting them in portfolios, to be specific. But what was even worse… photos of CATS.

So here is kitty in the window, or cat behind the curtain. Hey, I know the images are nothing special, they are just my take on the suggestion to not shoot cats. Cats are for Facebook I hear.


6 thoughts on “Ode to the Kitty Photo

  1. I managed to watch that program in the end. It did have some good tips – but they seemed to be saying that you need to seek out beautiful / exciting / unusual subjects in order to take good pictures. However, there’s something to be said for photographers like you who also try to capture ordinary things from a different perpective.

  2. Haha! One of my roommates back in college took a photography class, and I remember her saying that they weren’t allowed to take any pictures of flowers. So sad.
    Some of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken the past few years are of one of my cats.. Cats have personality!

  3. what no cats!!!! I love cats and love these photos Donna, I love photos of both cats and plants and heaps of other things, it is much harder to take a good photo of something there is already a lot of than to take photos of the unusual, it sounds to me that the photographers expressing no cats and flowers are seriously lacking in their abilities and so need unusual things to photograph to make up for their deficiencies, as for shooting cats with cameras only I hope ;o) Frances

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