Garden Beds, Literally

Images above are taken at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens in early October 2011. The bedroom below was at Plantasia in March 2011.

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19 thoughts on “Garden Beds, Literally

  1. How cool – a quilt of succulents! I love the hanging container – it is impressive how shallowly they can planted.
    How lovely it would be to wake up and step out of bed to a room filled with blooms!

  2. How beautiful, and so much fun! I can see something like that in an actual garden, a clearing deep in the woods, partially surrounded by crumbling stone walls, trees dripping vines.

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  4. How wonderful! My wife and I wanted a succulent table . . . but why settle for just a table when you can have a bed? 😀

    p.s. my wife is now bugging me about the dressing table.

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