Doe, a Deer, A Female Deer – Photos

Doe, a deer, a female deer…

Erway Farms raises deer and I just showed the boys. The girls were asking for a little face time, so I am much obliged.

They are a kissy bunch.

This is Dottie below, a piebald deer.

More kissing….

And more…

Ray, a drop of golden sun

A pretty morning sun start to the day. The creek is just in the background. Garden Walk Garden Talk will have more photos of Dottie. She is a real ham and camera hound. You will love her expressions.


11 thoughts on “Doe, a Deer, A Female Deer – Photos

  1. I thought you would have ended the post with you your own photo; Me, a name I call myself!

    Lovely deer photos. That’s what my dogs do all the time too.

    It looks cold over there.

  2. haha, i love this. And the deers are so cute, i remember our goats who kiss all the time. Next time I request you to include, fa…far a long, long way to run; with a circuitous long road and a deep perspective which end at a promise beyond!

  3. I love deer. Thankfully the fence keeps them out of my back garden otherwise I might not see them as so endearing [pun intended]. I wish I could take closeup photos like you’ve got here. These are just delightful. Have a wonderful Christmas.

    • I guess I should answer this question as others probably have wondered too. It is NOT for food. But, it is for a reason that may cause some concern by animal lovers like myself. The males are for display as are the female at Christmas to entertain the children. These deer have a very nice life. But the farm also has a business called Buckeye Scents. What this is… is bottled doe urine that is frozen and then thawed to use at hunting time. It lures in the bucks and usually the more dominant ones in the territory for the hunters. It is a hunting aid. The does have a building where they sleep and the urine is collected from them there.

  4. i think they are all so cute but the one who has a the white face is so cute!! i couldnt take my eyes off of them!!~! how do you get so close with out scaring them!!! and i love deer but not when they get in my garden

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