Just Pics of Marty

Thought you might like a look at Marty. He lives at the Farm and is an attraction at Erway’s Christmas Tree Adventure.

I shot these images from the viewing platform because Marty is such a friendly fellow and will not move back for photos. In the image above, I had the owner throw him a pear just so he would move back from us. See how close he gets to the camera?So close you can’t even get a photo. Bet you never saw a zebra this close up.


14 thoughts on “Just Pics of Marty

  1. Such a cool looking animal…the stripes still look painted on…zebras have fascinated me since childhood…and no I have never seen one this close….

  2. A beautiful creature. I love their markings. Here in North Georgia we have a zedonk (a cross between a zebra and a donkey) which is also super friendly and difficult to photograph because he wants to visit with everyone. Your photos are fab!

  3. If a caterpillar can look cute to me, what more a zebra! I think Marty is overly friendly like Clifford. Often a times, I’ll have to ask Clifford to “Stay”, quickly step back to snap a shot before he comes towards me again.

    Love Marty’s close-ups!

    • He was purchased as a six day old colt from a farm in the midwest that raises zebra. He was so adorable as a baby. They need to remove them from the mothers so that they can be raised tame. It is the same with breeding deer also. The farm does breed the deer on occasion, but it is a really time consuming process to rear the young without the mother’s help. They are bottle fed every couple hours day and night.

  4. Who’d have thought to see one up so close? I thought the white donkeys on the next farm here were exotic; next to the zebra they’re just farm animals. They don’t come up close enough to get shots of their eye or nostril. Fantastic shots.

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