Flowers for the Picking

I really like going out in the fields to pick fresh flowers. Sure, I have flowers at home in the garden, but in the fields many more and larger varieties are grown. The flowers are between food crops to keep them safe and hidden from unwelcome pickers.

They are grown for sale and most have been harvested. My sunflowers that I picked lost many petals even before they made it home. It is right at the end of the season for most of them.

You can see the small orchard fruit trees in the image below. These fields are very colorful all summer long between the cutting flowers and the fruit.

I truly love farm life for the endless fruit, flowers, and vegetables to grow. I have been wanting to move closer for years.

The Dahlias are lifted and stored for next year.

I brought home Celosia, Sunflowers and Dahlia. Dinner Plate Dahlia was available in multitudes of color. I mixed it up with color and picked the smaller Dahlia. Dark faced Sunflowers were plentiful, but the golden, light-faced were those mostly picked.

The sunflowers were featured on Garden Walk Garden Talk in the post, Study in Sunshine. The best photo of the Sunflowers there or here is in the next post on GWGT. A sunflower with a persona.


9 thoughts on “Flowers for the Picking

  1. How wonderful to have the farm to pick these beauties. I love how they grow in rows amongst the crops. n CA in Ventura Co where my Uncle and brother live, they grow fields of flowers. It is amazing to look at them as you drive past…thx for sharing this dream world for me…your reality is lovely!!

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