Aerobatics of Lt. Col. John Klatt

It may not be a gardening post, but it is pure art. And I love art of all kinds. “What looks like chaos to the naked eye on the ground is really a scripted, well-oiled machine,” said Lt. Col.John Klatt.

“The No. 1 most important thing when you’re flying is safety,” he said.

There were so many people with their mouths agape at his incredible flying.

The plane preformed like a well choreographed dance. His flying is like art in the sky.

The drops straight down from amazing heights was breathtaking.He had one of the most beautiful planes also. My uncle was a pilot and owned many aircraft. He took me up in a twin-engine and did some of these maneuvers, like flying upside down when I was very young. He was responsible for me being afraid of flying, but it did not take away my appreciation of aviation.“Flying is like a golf game,” Lt. Col. John Klatt said. “It can never be mastered. I can always get better. It takes real dedication to make this performance what it is.”

Lt. Col. Klatt did not need to improve from what I saw, it was sheer perfection. The quotes above, are taken from the interview with the Tonawanda News.

To learn about this American hero of three tours in Iraq, please read the Tonawanda News article by Timothy Chipp, Flying High.


7 thoughts on “Aerobatics of Lt. Col. John Klatt

  1. Donna you are right it is pure art that I do love to watch and your pictures do it justice. I also was taken up in a small plane as a child where they did maneuvers…thx to my grandfather I am also afraid of heights, falling, flying…wonderful man and great article and post!!!

    • Kids are so impressionable. My uncle also cut the engine and I freaked out on one of our flights. When I heard the ‘noise’ stop, that was it for me. Another thing he did on a previous flight, was let me take the yolk. I doubt I was doing anything, but that was fun. My brother thought it was fun every time. My brother went on for his pilots license, but did not fly in the Air Force because he was too tall at 6 foot five.

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