911 Remembered at Thunder of Niagara Falls

The 7 foot steel memorial to the fallen heroes of 9/11 was unveiled Saturday at the opening of the Niagara Falls Air Show before touring military bases throughout the United States. The stainless steel memorial features the 3,034 names of every victim of the terrorist attack engraved in the base of the structure, with three steel erections meant to evoke the towers themselves as well as the date of the attack.

The Thunder of Niagara Air Show, September 10 and 11, 2011, had the dedication of the monument to honor the first responders and our U.S. Military for their incredible service keeping us safe during these harrowing times and over the last ten years.

This paragraph below was taken from the website of Thunder of Niagara.

“Air Force air shows are valuable community events that increase public awareness and understanding of the armed forces and the mission, policies and programs of the United States Air Force. Military air shows support recruiting by inspiring patriotism and encouraging young men and women to serve in the military.  In addition, we at the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station like to host air shows as a way to thank the community for their never-ending support of the base.”

The F-16 above is one of the solo planes. Many planes preformed, but those highlighted here are the powerful Thunderbirds, piloted by some of our finest. I hope you can respect and honor the men and women who fought to protect as a result of the 102 minutes that changed America. Never having been to an air show, I was amazed at the flying, but touched by the efforts, skills, dedication and sacrifice of the men and woman of the Niagara Falls Air Base. To them, I say thank you.

Most of these images are taken as the F-16’s were very high in the sky, flying among, and through the clouds. I did not enlarge many of them so you could see the beautiful cloud-filled day. All were taken with my 300mm lens, most  zoomed out the whole way. 

Panning the camera to follow these fast-moving jets was a feat. My camera can take fast, repetitive images at different exposures very fast, so I used this feature to get some nice images. That is why the sky may appear darker and lighter. I caught the two solo planes as they flew by.

I hope you get a sense of the patriotism I felt watching the F-16,  USAF Thunderbirds.

“It was a challenging but rewarding opportunity to serve hand in hand with those service men, all of them. This show is my opportunity to give back to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.”

“This really is a great opportunity for us Americans to reflect on the last decade. So many lives were changed by what happened. It’s a good time to look back and remember the sacrifices everyone’s made. It’s an important week for our country,” Lt. Col. John Klatt. He was one of the aerobatics performers and a three-time combat veteran of the latest war in Iraq.

His flying was truly amazing in his very unique plane. I will show his and more in a later post. Thank you readers for taking the time to read this post.


9 thoughts on “911 Remembered at Thunder of Niagara Falls

  1. Donna those are amazing shots to catch…this was a great remembrance to all who serve and have lost their lives during and after the 102 minutes that changed everything…I watched that special this morning..amazing special that gave no narrative…simply let pictures and people speak…much like this post!! Thank you…

  2. At first I was dubious about the way the media was pushing the 10-year anniversary, but it’s turned out to be a good thing. Like Lt. Col. Klatt said, it’s given us a chance to reflect on the changes and sacrifices, as well as to see how far we’ve come–to assess who we are again, and who we want to be going forward.

    Wonderful photos, Donna! You really captured both the precision and the SPEED.

  3. Very nicely done. Been to several air shows and the planes are difficult to capture at times. I usually am on the wrong side and have the sun in my eyes.

    The explanation of the airshow from the Niagara Falls Reserves makes it seem as though the community is questioning such events? Our military must be ready and the airshow is a great way to get the community together to learn about and support our defense systems.

  4. Beautiful and quite unique shots. Remembering all of the victims, the 1st responders and our brave military with this beautiful memorial will be treasured forever. Never, ever forget!!!!!!!!

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