This is How I Feel – GGW, GA Entry

The End of Summer

Big lake, little fallen leaf. The end of summer brings the fallen to the forefront. It brings an end to swims in the lake. The wandering, wander more carefree and aimlessly, yet reflect on the previous season’s grandeur. The end is not an end, but a new beginning and signals transformation of things to come. The leaf traveled on its way, turning in the gentle breeze.

Fall will bring the glorious color that summer leaves behind. Our little leaf, showing but a hint.

It goes on its way, turning on occasion to see from where it came.
A little beetle flies that you can barely see, and makes those last summer stops before the weather turns, all with the big blue and green lake as a scenic backdrop.

Further along, the waters shimmer in the sunlight with the breeze brushing along the surface.

And all is left to start anew. And to take off on an idea by Frances….

Hope you had a Happy Monday.


21 thoughts on “This is How I Feel – GGW, GA Entry

  1. Lovely thoughts and the lone leaf on the water is incredible. it really captures the essence of the theme and I love how you framed it and the reflection…the image continues into the water so clearly…of course just my amateur opinion 🙂

    • Thanks Donna. Like the aimless leaf, I still did not make my decision yet on an entry, mainly because I think it may not meet the theme that they are looking for. But I am sure to do an image from the farm, because summer turning to fall is so much more predominately displayed there than anywhere else around here. I liked the refection too. It was prettier than the leaf itself. A yin yang kind of thing. The real/tangible and the transitory/illusion dichotomy.

    • I am honored that you remember that post. It is nice to hear that something I posted so long ago was remembered. That set of images I really liked. These are not so special, the leaf just kinda said stop and take my picture and I did. I did not even change the camera settings and really should have to get a slightly better exposure.

    • Thanks One. I did not frame the images or anything. The leaf just was floating by and I was shooting dragonflies. The leaf was kinda an afterthought, but it caught my attention because it was the only one shaped boat-like and sailing along. Nothing special, just a little out of place.

    • Thank you Karin. I have more I did not put in the post. It maybe one of them, still not sure. The colors in the water were special that day. Usually the lake is not so blue, it gets stirred up with sediments, but it was much bluer than normal. The green algae seemed greener too. It was incredibly hot out, but other than that, it was a nice peaceful day.

  2. I love the way that in that first shot you have not only capture the perfect reflection, but the tiny ripple of the leaf’s movement too. I really like this time of year, the sense of transition, of endings and beginnings.

  3. ok I can see I have a different mind from everyone else, to me the leaf is like a fairy boat and I can see faries and pixes travelling gently down the river or across the lake,
    beautiful photos and sentiments Donna, Frances

    • A fairy boat is a great idea. Maybe I will paint in some fairies, it would be a cute image to submit to GGW. I never finish anyway and maybe they would have to talk about it then because it would have to be disqualified. I was going to put in my leaf knowing is was not that great to see if anyone would mention that, but this would make it interesting for sure.

  4. These images are so thought-provoking. I think at this time of year and as we move into autumn, life and the garden seem to slow down…and this reflects that beautifully! Whatever you decide, good luck on the contest!

    • I only look at the end of summer as a slow down here in the North because the summer is often hot and dry, where plants get ratty and some go dormant until the renewal with rain in Fall. Then Fall comes in with all the new reds, oranges and yellows, of mums and leaf change, but the summer flowers get second wind and bloom too. Now my foxgloves are back along with the sages and the delphiniums are sprouting new growth. Fall is great here in our 6b gardens.

    • It was funny, I did an image on GWGT and thought of you. The rocks were all wet and mossy and the day was cloudy. The image reminded me of what Ireland would look like i I ever get to see it.

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