Everyday is a Rainbow

Almost Pollyanna if you did not realize we are at Niagara Falls, where everyday the sun shines, there is a chance of a rainbow somewhere around the Falls. But not all the time does one come in so close you feel like you can be a part of it.

 I watched as the ducks flew right through it as if there was something magical.

I was surprised the ducks would fly over the brink of the Horseshoe Falls as the wind currents are often fierce.

Here is a closeup of the Falls that no one willing wants to see from the water. Enlarge the image to see how big this is in comparison to the ducks flying around inside the Horseshoe. Most pictures can not show the massiveness unless there is a scaling element. Here is our duck right before he enters the rainbow.

A view father back shows that the duck has company. These are the same two ducks that were in the image I said to enlarge. They emerged from the spray OK.

This image and the one below shows the close up view for the tourists. They were thrilled to be taking pictures of this rainbow. Not all are so vivid or close.


16 thoughts on “Everyday is a Rainbow

  1. How fun to be a duck and fly through the mists on a summer day. Seriously fun– If I were a duck I would do it all the time! I guess the ducks probably can’t see the rainbows they fly through…

    Capturing photos of rainbows is like magic. I have seen pictures of mirages, and it’s like that. You are very good with this wonderful magic.

  2. Dear Donna,
    wonderful rainbows!
    BTW, you won in my “Verlosung”, herzlichen Glückwunsch 🙂
    Please e-mail me your adress, I´ll sent you a letter very quick!
    Greetings from Berlin!

  3. Donna, it’s rare that I see I full rainbow. But there was one at the dog park. Your photos are so evocative. I was wondering if you take requests for Photoshop themed posts? Please advise.

    • GS, If it is something I know how to do, sure I will do an example. On GWGT I am going to show the steps I do to just improve and optimize a photo for the web.

      My next Photoshop tutorial on Green Apples is a fun one. It is making a comic character from a photo. I just need a good image and a way to simplify the steps. Working on that part. I did myself as a comic, but changed my mind since I did not take the photo, my cousin did. I may add them anyway, but not use it for the steps.

      • Donna, I volunteer as a photographer for Habitat for Humanity. Sometimes the walls are freshly primed and when I take photos against a white wall, the background is bleached out and the people in the photos are bleached out also. Is there anything I can do so that everything isn’t so pale. Please advise.

        Many thanks,

        Theta (GirlSprout)

  4. beautiful photos Donna, I never saw a rainbow in my fews days at the falls way back in ’97, when you post photos of the falls it always takes me back to the time I visited, I know how high the falls are from below as I took one of the boat trips to the base and I walked through a cave where you come out behind the falls, loved it,
    I think birds like to ride winds and draughs I notice the birds here sometimes flying into the wind then going round and repeat the process in the same place, Frances

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