This is for Chad

Here’s Look’n at ‘Cha, Chad! Chad is from Me So Thorny and his post today is hilarious and so typical of many of us. So this one is for you Chad. Just a little up close and personal.

How ’em I doing on creep factor????? They can be hanging out just about anywhere.

Sweet dreams! They are so active at night too! Just dropping in for a visit as you sleep.

Don’t ya just hate those see though ones that seem to glow? right out of a horror movie.Look at all those eyes on this very small spider. And this little bugger was inside.

Pretty well avoiding the Wolf Spiders, and a nicer view. Loved your post too, Chad. Hope lots of folks get to see it.


13 thoughts on “This is for Chad

  1. you have a bit of an evil side to you Donna…both posts are great…as I commented to Chad…I am hunting them in my house…which ever kind bit me left an infected welt before 24 hours…not on my hit parade these days

  2. Via your post, I visited Chad’s post…very nice, very funny. I like spiders, but the up close shots are a little hard for me to look at for long. I suppose it is a good thing they are small, so we don’t usually see all the details.

  3. You crack me up! Thank you so much for the plug and thanks (I guess) for the nightmares I’m sure to have tonight. Look at those glowing eyes in the first picture and tell me that spider isn’t plotting something evil.

  4. Oh, what great spider photos! I heard from hubby that in US, their bites are really nasty. No wonder many people are afraid of them or just despise spiders. I find this strange. I have never been bitten before and never thought that they would attack us. The same with wasp. I was only stung once and that could have been because I was weeding and could have accidentally touched it. Perhaps the critters I encounter are less aggressive or that our body react a little differently towards bites. Who knows, I could have been bitten but not even aware.

    I have many spiders in my garden and I always thought they contribute to ecology balance. Now I am beginning to understand the comments better.

  5. I’ve read Chad’s posts — and yes, you have achieved in providing the willies. That being said: great photos. I’m not a fan of spiders, but they are fascinating!

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