Sky Watch Over the Niagara River

This is the Upper Niagara River. The maximum width of the river is 8500 feet at Buffalo/Fort Erie and it narrows to about 1500 feet at Squaw Island below the Peace Bridge, in Buffalo. What is strange, is that researching the widest river in the US and the world, there were so many claiming to be the widest. I could not get a consensus on just one answer for each, but the Niagara River is nowhere near the widest. When you see the image above, it does look like a lake instead.

The view above and below is looking at the Grand Island Bridge to the largest island in the Niagara River at 27 square miles. The largest island in the world appears to be Greenland at 822,706 square miles. I lived on Grand Island when I first moved to New York.

The International Niagara Control Dam is located upstream from the Horseshoe Falls, below, and has 18 control gates to regulate the flow of water over the Falls.

The 35 mile long river is not actually a river because it connects two bodies of water and it is often referred to as a strait. It connects Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, flowing north. Many different professions have been interested in The Niagara River, from geologists, artists, historians, archaeologists, botanists, mechanics, and electricians.

The longest river in the world is not too surprising. It is the Nile at around 4,160 miles. I say about because it appears no one can agree on this either. And oddly enough, they can not agree on the length of the short Niagara River either. Some had it listed at 22 miles long and these came from sources that should actually know.

 In the Center of the Niagara River

Niagara River below the Rainbow Bridge along the Canadian shoreline.

Sky above with Altocumulus perlucidus clouds.

This photo below, is one of the water intakes that are used to divert water for hydro-electric generating.

And down on the farm.

 Next post we will be back on Garden Walk Buffalo. Always lots to see.


18 thoughts on “Sky Watch Over the Niagara River

  1. Is that river water as frigid as it looks?


    Sky above and earth below—
    Onward on my way I go;
    Earth below and sky above—
    I am satisfied, my love.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Cemetery Sky

    • Masha, to look at the river, it looks like many others. It is the geography, geology, age of the rock, and power of the river that has brought so many to this area to harness and study.

    • It is cold. I have walked in the upper rapids near the Falls brink. There are calm little pooled inlets at the shoreline, but don’t take any steps further in. The water may only be inches deep near the shore, but it flows around 30 mph and easily can sweep you off your feet, and it is only a few hundred feet to the drop. My post on Ducks Over the Falls showed the ducks swimming in this area. The little pools are their safe havens and they know where the water is less turbulent.

  2. I rather like that rivers are so mysterious that no one can agree how long they are… I hadn’t realised that a river between two lakes was a strait, I thought all straits were narrow areas of sea, so thank you, beauty and education combined in one post.

    • I too thought hat water between seas was a strait and was surprised to read that the river is referred as a strait on occasion. It had reference to historical times when the French and Indian War was fought I think I read. That is when it first was called a strait.

    • I am not sure what the foam is composed of, other than just foam, but it is churned up from the Falls. The Falls is very powerful and sediments are constantly changing the color of the water. Mostly, they give a green hue to the water. Some days it is calmer and more blue, but that depends on the rate of flow allowed. I have never seen the Falls unregulated, that would be a sight.

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