Garden Walk Buffalo – Cottage District 5 1/2

The Color Wheel of Houses and Front Yard Plantings









Lots of White

Some perennials escaping to freedom.

Some saying, “I’m a lot hotter.”

Some annuals barely containing themselves.

Some saluting the Red, White and Blue.

Some people in awe.

Some out for a stroll.

There really is every color house imaginable, even black. It is like opening the paint deck or spinning the wheel. If you think you have seen these gardens before, you can never get enough of them. There is so much to learn from plant pairings, maximizing space, companioning textures, and being fearless with color.

Some of these gardens almost swallow up the small homes, but they all look like they were always meant to be. You can see how many of these homes have almost exactly the same facades, but the color selection and lush gardens differentiate them from one another. Look back and see how many have the same rounded Palladian style upper window and prominent gable front. Some even have a porch, but it is the same basic home. This repetition occurs often in workman style neighborhoods.

And don’t miss Garden Walk Buffalo – Cottage District 5 on Garden Walk Garden Talk. One garden in the District is featured.


18 thoughts on “Garden Walk Buffalo – Cottage District 5 1/2

  1. I love this type of neighborhood with the cottages so similar yet everyone puts their creative mark on the house and garden…I love the style of house and just love the gardens…not sure I can pick a favorite….

  2. always have a soft spot for bungalows. Love the color palette. My favorite post, architectural wise so far. The red house with its primary colors is my favorite. yippe.

  3. Those pictures bring back memories of last year’s Fling. Great gardens in Buffalo and great people also. I hope you make it to Fling 2012. In fact, I hope I make it there also.

  4. Even on a gray winter day it must be a pleasure for the residents to look out at those vivid colors. In a way the similarity in the homes’ architecture is a great backdrop–it lets the gardens’ individuality really stand out.

  5. I would think extraordinary people might live in those story-book houses, magic tall women in long dresses or little odd men with talking cats and rooms with secret doors. And the gardens! Loved it.

  6. What colorful cottages! Orange shutters on a pink house, green shutters on a yellow house, red door on a blue house-it takes real guts to be that bold with color. The gardens are equally bright and happy. I love the shot of all the tiny purple birdhouses. The cool thing is that they are all different and yet the same color.

  7. Donna – I would like to visit a beautiful district like that, but I don’t think I would want to live there because there would be too much pressure to have my house an garden looking perfect.

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