Garden Walk Buffalo Gardens – Allentown #4

Allentown is Buffalo’s oldest preservation district with some of the most unique architecture in our area. The oldest house was built in 1840. Homes range from cottage to Queen Anne to Italianate. 

The central corridor is a mix of artsy shops, galleries and bars. The quirky Bohemian quality is very evident throughout the Allen Street District.

The homes are built close together with very small front yards, yet have loads of color with perennial gardens and containers galore.

There is very little room for grass yards and many gardens are gated or fenced.

Colorfully painted doors are common, just as are lively storefronts on Allen Street.

 Roof lines are dramatic with mansard roofs and cupolas.

Many gateways are both welcoming and decorative.

 Gates divide spaces so as to appear larger and create rooms.

Paths have arches, pergolas and arbors.

Picket fences are common also.

Make sure to stop in at Garden Walk Garden Talk tomorrow, for more of Allentown gardens. The paths through the gardens are featured in the post entitled, Garden Walk Buffalo Gardens – Allentown #4 1/2.


13 thoughts on “Garden Walk Buffalo Gardens – Allentown #4

  1. I happened upon this site. I grew up in buffalo but no longer live there. Allentown has always been a favorite to me. Beautiful!

  2. Thank you for showing some of the architecture along with the plants. I enjoyed the tour very much. It must be a lot of fun to go on a tour like that.

  3. What a lovely neighbourhood. Our house was also built about 1940 and is in a conservation area but is a very different style. Stunning gardens and I particularly like the brick paths.

  4. So beautiful ~ is this where the garden bloggers fling was last year? Totally worth revisiting over and over even if so. I would love to live in a neighborhood like this ~ it would be so inspiring. Your photographs are terrific. I’m thinking I need some globe thistle now too!

  5. When we visited, I think Allentown was one of the stops. The most beautiful small gardens I’ve ever seen. Thanks for your kind wished about my weather. Sadly, I don’t think the heat is going to break soon. ~~Dee

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