Garden Walk Buffalo Gardens #2

Ellie’s Garden During Open Gardens 2011“This is a tiny house embraced by its garden,” says the owner, Ellie.

Ellie has live in her cottage since 1996, but has done wonders for both her home and neighborhood.   This is a property you remember for so many reasons. Ellie is a delight to talk to and is very passionate about improving her neighborhood. An inspiration to many not only with her gardening skills, but her determination to see Buffalo grow and prosper, one garden at a time. Heck, many gardens at a time.

 You can see down the street how gardens grew and grew.

I had a chance to view the garden prior to Garden Walk Buffalo during Open Gardens. It is a much more relaxing time to shoot photos, but you will see gardens during the walk in upcoming posts. Plus I did visit many more during Open Gardens, so you will see those also.

Her back yard is tiny, but every square inch is used just perfectly, taking into account the shady conditions.

 Even maintenance areas are disguised beautifully. Plants overflow the beds with flowers, flowers and more flowers. 2010 During Garden Walk Buffalo – Ellie’s Garden

The owner, Ellie in 2010, on her front porch talking with garden walkers. You can see people lining up to see the back yard.Next post on Garden Walk Garden Talk, coming on Wednesday, is another of my favorites, Mary’s garden. It is a larger garden, but every bit as full and colorful as this one. Mary’s garden has many unusual plants and is a delight to see. I will show some comparison images from 2010 too.


16 thoughts on “Garden Walk Buffalo Gardens #2

  1. I love Ellie’s gardening style with those beds packed full, making the most of her small space, and I respect her mission to make the neighbourhood a better place. Thanks for taking us there Donna!

  2. I’m not surprised to see people queuing up to see Ellie’s garden, it looks delightful, and how wonderful to see such a colour-rich and packed border out front, where so often there is just a bit of ragged grass.

  3. Ellie’s garden is such a delight, no wonder people were backed up to get a glimpse into her world.

    Donna, you are amazing; two blogs, I can’t even keep up with one and my reading list! There just aren’t enough hours in the day lately. I love each and every one of your posts, always guaranteed to inspire and refresh my spirit.

  4. Oh I love this one too…the gardens along the sidewalk are right up my alley…and that winding path around the back just invites you around the corner…lovely

  5. I went to Buffalo Garden Walk this past weekend, but did not make it to the gardens featured above. Could you please tell me where “Ellie’s Garden” is – what street, so I can make note of it for next year. Also you mention your garden is at “664”, but I also did not see a Street listed. If it was on the walk, could you please give me that info also, as I would love to add it to my “must see” gardens for next year. Thanks for your beautiful pictures!

  6. Wow, this garden is gorgeous. I am just amazed at the vibrant colors of the garden. It’s amazing what over a month of 100 degrees will do to color — just fades it out or stalls it completely (what Texas is experiencing). I’m drooling over the Russian sage, coneflowers, rudbeckia, and phlox. Thanks for taking us on the tour with you 🙂

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