Water Fireworks, Happy 4th

Water Fireworks

I know…. I know that I promised gardens from Canada, but the temperature is in the upper eighties this holiday week and it is hot.  Not like you poor souls down South, but still steaming for us cold climate gardeners with the humidity.

So in the spirit of the red, white and blue and the holiday, July 4th, here is some cooling Niagara Falls Rainbows.

Oh, not what you were expecting? Me either. The Parks Department has had the timed sprinklers on pretty much non stop.

I am not dissing them, but they are claiming the “Authentic Falls Experience”, and let me tell you, if you want up close and personal, nothing beats the USA side for that. You can step into the rapids at places and you can feel the spray of the Falls as you walk within feet of it at the top of the brink.

The views are different, but not better per say. They have the most famous postcard view and we have the up close and personal experience. And check out those sprinklers, look how many are going full blast.

The sign saying the “Authentic Falls Experience”. Tsk, tsk….

My gosh was the day bright. I should have toned these images down. You can even see the drops making the rainbow in this one.

And my favorite… with the light beams through the curtain of water.

But not to be outdone by a chorus of sprinklers, let’s follow the Maid of the Mist around and get a few rainbows for real…..

on the other side.

Check out the double USA rainbow. So cool and refreshing.


14 thoughts on “Water Fireworks, Happy 4th

    • Double rainbows are common at the Falls. Even the sprinkles had a couple, but they were not far enough apart to get a good photo. It your heat dry or humid? I can take dry 100°, but not when we get it that high and it is so humid you can barely breathe. It is not so common to be over 100° here, but it happens.

    • It was strange seeing all the rainbows at once all over the Park in Canada. The sprinklers were so much more vibrant than the ones the Falls were making. I am guessing because the drops were bigger than the mist of the Falls.

  1. you seem to capture the beauty of falls and bring it home to me..I have always felt the experience on the US side to be quite exhilarating but the images of the Canadian Falls to be those perfect postcards as you say…still I prefer the US side and always will…must be an American thing…Happy 4th Donna

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