More than the Falls in Ontario

Water Features in Niagara Falls, Ontario

Pretty ponds are sited steps off the boulevard. They are carefully constructed and beautifully appointed.

 There is a very large pond full of lily pads and small fish.

 Curiously, no frogs.

 When you are in the space away from the traffic and tourists, it is quite peaceful. I have been here when wedding photos have been taken. It is a lovely area for memories to be documented.

 The pond itself is very shallow and I am not sure if there is a place within for fish to overwinter.

There is also waterfalls, but not strong enough to have the water heavily disturbed. It is a good reflecting surface.

Almost impossible to see, but the tiny orange and white dots are the fish.

There are some large trees with fern and wild ginger lining the banks.

Here is an image with the focus NOT on the Falls. Plus this is another water feature that actually is US territory, but Canada gets the best overall view. That little break between the Falls is where I take many photos. It really looks far away, but I walk back and forth often.

 Here is another rarely framed shot I bet. Imagine no buildings in the background. Again, the area between the American and Bridal Falls is where I shoot many closeup images of the brink of the Falls. There are some tourists there now, but they are teeny tiny.

And here is an image that made me scratch my head. Sprinklers were blasting all over, with water running right into the street. Come on Niagara Falls Parks Department, we have been having more than our share of rain, adjust those timers. Plus it looked like rain any minute, no sun was shining.


18 thoughts on “More than the Falls in Ontario

  1. How daft to use sprinklers like that – reminds me of visiting a local DIY store with a (outdoor) garden department. It was pouring with rain, the sprinklers were on, and the guys I asked about turning it off said “oh no, we have to put the sprinklers on at this time every day”… I can see why people would want to have their wedding photos taken there, beautiful.

    • No, the ponds are on the other side of the street that is parallel to the Falls. I will show many more images that will put all this in context. Beside the railing to keep people back from the gorge drop off is where all the wildflowers are growing. They are only here because the parks department let them grow this year, or has not gotten to spraying them. The roses are wild growing on the gorge side along with the sumac. Next post will show them installing the formal gardens. That is why I am sure they did not yet get to address the ‘weeds’.

  2. Thanks for the close-up tour from an insider’s perspective. I think we are going to visit the falls in the fall…. we tried to squeeze it into this week coming but we’d 72 hours in our day to pull it off LOL. But you’ve motivated us to put it at the top of the list for fall!

  3. What an incredible pond! Your photo of with the trees trunks framing the photo and weeping trees hanging over the pond is stunning! And, the photo of the fall with the pink blooms is stunning! It belongs in a magazine! With all the government budget cuts going on around the country it is even more amazing that the Parks Dept would spend money on unnecessary watering!

  4. I saw this post after a hot few hours in the garden, and looking at those shady ponds with weeping trees and gnarled trunks cooled me off nicely, thank you! So much beauty…

  5. I have been gone for a week to colorado and wyoming and havent really been active on blot. It looks cooler there than here in Kansas. I understand we have been in the100’s here for 8 days and more to come! thanks for the kind comments yesterday.

  6. Donna these are such peaceful water features against the backdrop of the raging falls…love the pink flowers with the falls in the background…drives me crazy when people/businesses have sprinklers set to timers with no regard for drought, runoff and weather..

  7. As the saying goes, when God give water to the world, they got the biggest share! For us where water is sometimes a problem, it seems a lot of waste. For people in that area, it seems the water from the falls doesn’t saturate their brains, and they still create lots of water features. Incredible!

  8. Donna, the pond was so lovely, the reflections were so mirror-like and the water crystal clear. What a wonderful place for wedding photography.

  9. Beautiful! Niagara Falls is one of my favourite places. It was short listed for a World Heritage site, but the US did not want to promise the upkeep money.
    Tour the wineries in the area! They have beautiful gardens – not to mention the wine and the food!

  10. Hi Donna, It has been awhile since I was at the falls. The pond shots are all just great. I love the way you have managed to capture all the reflections in the still surface of the water.

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