Not Me, Says Creem Cheez!

 You looking at me? I am not the one that planted the darn sunflowers. 

Happy Monday, me maties.

See another HM illustration by me on Garden Walk Garden Talk.

I have been away for a few days helping with the Lewiston GardenFest and will be seeing a talk by Jim of Art of Gardening at the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library tomorrow on “the “growing” importance of garden tourism as an opportunity to draw new visitors and improve Buffalo’s image”. Jim is a good speaker and it should be a great talk. To see the times if you are local see Jim’s post here.

I will be back posting later this coming week on both blogs. You will see some gardens that were part of the Fest and then I will continue with the Niagara Falls Garden Magazine on GWGT. Plus, the end of the month blooming wrapup. Boy are there a lot of perennials blooming at 664. On Green Apples, see the gardens across the border in Niagara Falls, Ontario. A lot is in store and see you then!


4 thoughts on “Not Me, Says Creem Cheez!

  1. Enjoy your trip! We are heading out day after tomorrow for our vacation and one of our stops is going to be Chanticleer. Can’t wait to see your garden tour pix!!!

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