Sky Watch Over Niagara with GGW

Light Up the Sky….

As day turns to night…

 the Skyline at Niagara Falls, Canada …..


As seen from the Rainbow Bridge at 10 p.m. 

The camera was set to Manual Mode for all images shown. My camera has a Bulb Mode which can allow for the shutter to release as desired. But I just set it for 5 second exposures at f29.

These are actually above the Niagara River. The area between the two nations.

Lotsa Color in the Finale…

 Probably I should note this image…. it is both a pan and a slow shutter speed, with a filter on the lens, just in case you were wondering. I like it, but maybe a little too much playing around.

 And Gardening Gone Wild

Show the Motion


15 thoughts on “Sky Watch Over Niagara with GGW

    • Thank you big time!!! I panned that shot, no tripod, so it was hit or miss if I could get the seagull in focus. It was not that far away as I only had on the 135 lens. Plus I had the camera set at a slower than normal shutter speed for the shot since I was shooting water.

  1. I also love that first gull. What an amazing shot! But the fireworks fascinate me. I have never been able to photograph them. Your pix look right off a post card! Great job!

    • I was tossed on what to enter since I did photos in the last three posts too. Some technical sort of and some creative sort of. So at the last minute I decided not to enter. I think I know which one will win and would be surprised if I am wrong. To compete, I would have had to use a creative image and it is too highly edited and staged.

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