Lighting the Falls

As I mentioned, I thought to walk over to Canada and take some night shots. It is beautiful over there, especially on Sunday nights. They have fireworks a couple of times a week at ten p.m. and I never walked over to see them because I see them very clearly from my house.

But, I can not see the Falls lit at night from here, just the glow. I can see it up close on our side if I want, but the image is better in Canada, or almost there, when you are not right on top of it. You get to see the whole scene, like I did from my vantage point.

The Falls is popular both day and night, but I have to admit to liking it covered in snow and ice as well. Seems like just yesterday those were the images I was posting. The image above kinda looks like the rocks at the base are ice.

They light the Falls in various colors. I was taking photos from 9 p.m. to 10:15 p.m. on Sunday. I will show you the fireworks and more of Niagara Falls, Canada in my next postings.

The colors are pretty much the colors of the spectrum. I do not have the greens and violets showing, thought that would be way to many slightly boring photos. In case you are wondering, my camera was set to 25 sec and an aperture of 29. The last image was earlier around 9 p.m. and the settings were 5 seconds and f22. It is the Niagara Falls, Canada skyline, taken from the Rainbow bridge. On the bridge, I never actually crossed into Canada, but left the USA. Funny, huh?

I bet you can guess that I like the blues the best. This was my favorite view, but I should have made it brighter. Well, I will do that another time. Photoshop to the rescue.  Next post, I will show you around a bit at night, then some garden shots. They do gardens in  a big way.


14 thoughts on “Lighting the Falls

  1. I don’t know if I ever saw the Falls lit up at night in person…what a beautiful sight I will have to take in…thx for sharing this beautiful sight!!!

  2. Donna I think the falls are/were the best when lit at night, I like the blue photo best too, when I went I never knew they lit them at night though I did see some photos of the falls coloured in some of the info tourist stuff I had, it was a wonderful surprise and I could have stayed and looked at them for ever they were so beautiful, I remeber fireworks one evening too, thanks for bringing back some great memories, I was on the Canadian side travelling across Canada at the time, so the bridge you were on is in a sort of no mans land, Frances

  3. Spectacular! How cool that you can just walk over to Canada! Thanks for the gorgeous night photos. I love fireworks and think you are very fortunate to see these clearly from your house. Do you grow bored with them?

  4. I still remember how it looks last winter, and these here now are very different. I’ve never seen big falls so somehow it is a bit scary! Your house location is very special, a choice spot. How so lucky you are!

  5. I’ve never even thought to see the falls at night! That is fast heading to the top of my Wish List for vacation destinations! Your photography is outstanding!

  6. I didn’t realize Niagara Falls are basically in your back yard! What a wonderful view, thanks for these amazing pictures. One day I will fly over and see it for myself…

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