Blue Dandelion for WW and Orange for Skywatch Friday

Got the Blues?

Skywatch Friday 

Episode #49

Minutes apart, different exposures. No tripod so a bit soft.


19 thoughts on “Blue Dandelion for WW and Orange for Skywatch Friday

  1. Gorgeous!!! Love the blue effect, stunning! Sorry its been a while since I’ve stopped by, been missing your arty garden blog eye-candy here. Cheers Julia

  2. What incredible pictures…that dandelion is a winner…the fools who have never awarded your pics on GGW…I would love to know about the blue effect too…

    • Donna, the blue effect was an increase in vibrancy and saturation. The original image was grayish blue. I just amped up the saturation. It was taken in evening lighting, hence the blue in the image.

    • Hi Cat, I was not the one ‘done’; that was another commenter, a previous post. I do not care about winning, just entering. I like seeing who visits my images and if they comment on them. I enter just to get the feedback. But, alas, my images have not been in the group the judges talk about, but I have been getting some helpful comments from readers. I figured I would start my own thing on photography with the tips about how to edit or turn an image into a art piece. They are all quick changes that can be further enhanced to make a wonderful image, far better than I can take straight from the camera, with only one quick manipulation. My dandelion was a set up shot (outside of course). I picked and “staked” the poor guy to get the sky as a backdrop. The natural lighting was in the evening. I think this is too highly edited to enter, but I will see with what is coming with the other entries. The shot I would love to take, no matter how cliche, is the Falls at night. They light the Falls in rotating colors and I could get a great long exposure shot. I may do it sometime just for kicks.

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