Motion Blurred Seagull

The Seagull gets smudged. I can go through this process step by step, but view this video by Corey Barker to see how it is done. If you do not have motion, paint it! It just take a couple of minutes with Photoshop.  A very cool technique and with additional work, could really be spectacular.

A real image of a motion blurred starling below. I call it On Golden Wing. I would love to control the detail (I could but I would have to really cheat) like I have above, but I do like the sun glaring off only one wing. Both images were shot from a very long distance, and greatly enlarged, cropped and sharpened.

I don’t know if I have time to shoot an image for the contest and am not sure if my starling is worthy. What do you think? The image was first posted  here.


14 thoughts on “Motion Blurred Seagull

  1. I love both shots…I do not have the right camera really to enter the current contest or the time and it seems the software perhaps? I would say either is lovely or shoot a few more…I am still stunned that your photos are not picked

    • Thanks, but like you, I don’t really have the time to shoot for the contest. And I usually do not do tripod and long exposure images because of the time needed to set up the shot. I do have some from winter though. But, I don’t have much in my files to select from. The crow was the only one I thought had any seasonal interest.

  2. Perhaps editing is encouraged in certain contests. If creative editing adds marks to the final photo, then it is not even considered cheating. Of course, if editing is not allowed, then the photo would be disqualified. To edit or not to edit, that is the question.

  3. Cool effects! Love the first one, with the gull. I am struggling with this contest myself… Spent WAY too much time today trying to catch a duck flying. Thank Goodness for digital SLR’s or Kodak would be loving me right now LOL! Your efforts look really neat.

    • The edit is so darn simple and only requires minutes to do it. With a bit of time, I could really simulate a ‘real looking’ manipulation. I was going to include a couple of different versions of the same thing, showing an adjustment in camera settings. But a quick post got the idea across.

    • Funny you should mention your being done. My photoshop tutorials are a commentary on contests somewhat. I figure I never finish, so I thought to ‘expose’ ways I could if I sink the time into it. Ha ha.

    • Thanks, but I would not enter the first image. Not even sure I will enter at all. Too much time needed to get a good shot of something, but I guess I would do Niagara Falls if I get any time to get there. I am so busy with work and the Garden Walk I am working on for June 25 and 26.

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