GGW Macro Picture This – Magnolia Blooming

  Gardening Gone Wild Picture This, Magnolia


On good authority, I was told this pink magnolia bud should be my entry. WordPress has this new feature called Request Feedback and I used it to send the link to a friend to preview my post before it was uploaded.  A very cool and useful feature. This image is softer and has a pretty combination of color. Hope my friend made a good choice, she is an excellent photographer, especially with macro shots.

Thank you to Gardening Gone Wild for the opportunity to enter this image in the Picture This Contest. I am sure there will be loads of gorgeous photos for you to see, so make sure and visit.


12 thoughts on “GGW Macro Picture This – Magnolia Blooming

  1. lovely pictures as always…I had forgotten to check on the latest GGW contest so thx for the reminder…looks like fun and I think I may a pic or 2 that might suffice…

  2. Ah, the magnolias are so pretty. The grand Southern Magnolia are now blooming in Georgia! They make such a statement surrounded by those glossy green leaves…

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