What’s Bugging You?

One you may not know…

The Western Conifer Seed Bug is a true bug that feeds mainly on the seeds and developing cones of several conifers. Originally from the western part of the country, it found its way east, most probably from interstate commerce.

They are a nuisance if they overwinter inside your home. They will congregate on the outside wall of the home in late summer and early fall to enter via the openings in door and window frames. If you want to eliminate them, the best solution is by mechanical means. To keep them out, repair screens and caulk gaps.  Don’t forget soffits, fascia, behind chimneys and attic and wall vents. You can not close off venting, so screening will help.

They have a flight pattern and buzzing sound similar to a bumblebee. See the orange and black stripping? Another similarity to the bee.

Their main damage is to the Douglas Fir seeds and cones. They also prefer various species of Pine. All stages of the insect feed on the seeds, also at differing stages of development.


9 thoughts on “What’s Bugging You?

  1. I see you have a new look here. Very nice.

    That bug looks familiar. I think I may have a pair. No wonder my seeds are not germinating. 🙂

  2. Unfortunately Leptoglossus occidentalis has been imported also here in Italy. It was discovered for the first time just in my region (Veneto), in 1999. 😦

  3. I haven’t seen this one until your beautiful picture! Since the evergreens can survive without the seeds they develop (they would be food for birds/ dropped among the leaf litter otherwise), is this bug really a pest to the trees? The bug’s habit of creeping into homes does sound pesky, though.

  4. You have some very beautiful pictures of this bug. I’ve never seen it before or heard of it. We have the problem here with the Asian lady beetles entering our homes in the fall. I need to do like you said-seal up the house and fix both bugs.

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