Daffodil Delight

Three reasons why they live in my garden…

 Squirrels don’t like ’em. What more can you ask? They are such a bright spring arrival, pretty in the garden and pretty in the vase.


They naturalize. Again a garden winner.


The leaves are easily camouflaged. Plant with daylily and the transition from spring to summer is a breeze. The daffodils will absorb all the energy they need for next year. I also have lily, Allium and iris in this bed. I never need fret the dying leaves of the daffs.


And they have such a happy face, always turning a frown right around.

Macro Friday at Blogging from Bolivia, join the fun around the world. And we have A Rosy Note to thank also for Feature Friday No. 3.    A rosy pink….










31 thoughts on “Daffodil Delight

    • I always look forward to them each year. They do not multiply as much as I would like though. It maybe because many of them have been underplanting the tree. I moved them last year to get more sun, so I will see how many new ones next year.

    • I always make sure to leave the leaves until they wither. The problem with daffs over tulips is that the leaves take longer to die back. I have had them all summer, so it was necessary to hide them, but that is also another reason they linger, getting shaded out by other plantings.

  1. Deer don’t like them, squirrels don’t like them but I do like them. I used to grow rain lily, not as beautiful, but good enough. They don’t like my clay soil though. Since I read about them being poisonous to dogs, I removed the white ones and now only have a few pink ones in a pot.

    The monitor lizard in my post was being held on and couldn’t reach the dog. Nevertheless, I didn’t allow my dogs to get near to it.

  2. I love daffs. We planted some late flowering ones this year, so we are still enjoying them now. Great tips for concealing the foliage. I love day lilies, and am a little puzzled as to how I have wound up without any at the moment.

  3. Around here it is rabbits not squirrels we have to think about – even the pellets supposed to repel them do not work and so pansies are doomed 🙂

    I love that last shot, such a wonderful spring time display of pink.

  4. One my favorite spring blossoms. Too many to plant in the fall are always too few when they bloom.

    They work well planted with ground cover, too. Vinca minor in cooler climates, lantana in my zone 8b garden where the lantana emerges just in time to cover dying foliage.

    • Thanks for adding that. I have them planted with pachysandra and vinca on a couple of client’s properties. It is a good way to dress up the boring groudcover too.

  5. First of all my congrats: you’re a very good photographer! Your macros are simply fantastic!
    I’m amazed reading how much Daffs are loved in U.S. and U.K. as well! I like them, but here in Italy bulbous plants aren’t so popular, I think the reason is that their bloom don’t last long.

  6. Squirrels are little bundles of wickedness. How nice to be able to foil them with such gorgeous flowers! All the photos are beautiful, but the bud at the top is exquisite–such a gentle color.

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