Into The Sunset, Sky Watch

Motoring Into the Sunset

Big rig, big sky, the setting sun and the long haul, a driver’s job is never done. But what a night to have the pedal to the metal.  

Thank you Sky Watch Friday. Take a peak at all the others.


22 thoughts on “Into The Sunset, Sky Watch

  1. Beautiful orange streaks in the sky. Usually early in the morning, when I’m driving, I’ll enjoy a few seconds of sky watching. Perhaps someday I would stop my car to get a few shots.

  2. First i thought it was a building till i read the post. It is beautiful, yes, but when i have all the variations of sunset scenes on my 5th Floor Window, i seem to be a bit more discriminating now! haha.

    • No Photoshop, it is real. I should have posted the rest of the shoot. It was the most spectacular sky I ever saw in Western New York. We get reds on occasion, but this one was special.

  3. Wow, gorgeous sunset with all these amazing golden streaks!
    Thanks for visiting my site (My Nature Photography) and for your inspiring comment. Much appreciated.

  4. At first did not realise that it is you Donna but the epithets gave it away, as well as the stylish blog and sensational shots. Love the elemental contrast of metal and air here(the earth day heart was a a great capture too).

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