GGW Picture This Contest April 2011

Have a Little Heart this Earth Day.

Thank you for the opportunity to to be part of the Gardening Gone Wild, Picture This Contest. Also thanks to Blogging from Bolivia, too.


21 thoughts on “GGW Picture This Contest April 2011

    • The leaf fell on my kalanchoe that was vacationing from my office outside two years ago. It is from my now defunct Japanese Maple that Walter Rabbit finished off. I had my stained glass cardinal hanging on the tree behind it and the sunlight came through it onto the kalanchoe. The red reflected light was so vibrant and the photo does not quite pick up the transparency as I saw when I spotted the pretty red scene.

    • The heart shape I did not see when I shot the image. It really was a bonus. You can see the two leaves making the shadow shape just to the left. I probably should not be admitting all this since I entered it in the GGW competition. I should say, ‘yes, I sat all day for the lighting to be just right to make this interesting and compositionally good image’. LOL.

  1. I love finding surprises in photographs. Sometimes I’m amazed at what I didn’t see through a lens, that becomes clear later looking at the picture as a whole. The little heart is a perfect sentiment for Earth Day. Good luck in the contest!

  2. How amazing, i should try this style at least once too! I see them in photo mags sometimes, but always slip my head. I am sure this will win! Can you not post it in some other contests aside from this one? It deserves a real award.

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