What I See ‘On the Ground’

I see green, but not so much.

I see grayed, afternoon light filtering through the new flowers and bouncing off …..new verdant leaves.

Hellebore backed by boxwood is the brightest green in the snowy landscape.

I see  browned leaves of last year providing nourishment as they decay, and beauty as they let light through the thinning membrane …

of spent petals and faded leaves.

I see detail in life lived.

I see SNOW, but there are places where it has melted.

There are places yet touched by the sun.

I see color in a landscape devoid of much. But a wealth of texture abounds.

I see green lichen as a sign of Spring.

I see much in spite of the snow.

I see life all around, enjoying the snowy landscape.

Those that enjoy the nuts and those that can’t…..

And those that wish they waited to make a Spring appearance……

Both big and small.

Am I too subtle wishing for a little more green?

Thanks to Roses and Stuff for hosting ‘On the Ground’.


41 thoughts on “What I See ‘On the Ground’

    • It is raining today. I hope all the snow leaves. The big piles and the snow in the shadows are a bit persistent. Yesterday it snowed, so that did not help my cause. Go green.

    • Green it is, today is rain…hoping more green is to come. The snow is finally on the way out, I think. Sundays forecast is frozen mix and that is the worse day.

  1. I LOVE the way you see things!! What a delightful post! Like you said, ‘a wealth of texture abounds’. So true. I think snow makes you look deeper at every stage and sign of life!

    Thank you for your visit! I’ll surely be back!!

  2. A lovely selection of pictures. Lichen always seems to come in unusual shades, even if the basic colour is a common one. Hopefully your snow will disappear before long!

  3. I just love the first picture! Helleborus are so beautiful. You still have a lot of snow, but I saw in one of you comments that it was raining, so perhaps it’ll be gone soon.

    Have a nice weekend. /Anette

  4. Lovely and poetic, so much beauty when one only opens ones eye. The world outside isn’t all the white after all. You even mad me see the beauty of worms!
    Enjoy your, hopefully sunny, weekend 🙂

    • Worms, not that pretty, but they happened because I uprooted an annual that I did not pull last fall, and a worm family was in the root ball. I saved them by tucking them back in the earth.

  5. You see quite a lot! It is unusual in this age when everything moves so fast to find someone who stops to look at little things. Thanks for posting.

  6. Vilka bilder och poesi du bjuder pÄ. TÀnk att nyss komna tulpan-blad kan vara sÄ vackra pÄ nÀra hÄll. Àr det en stenskvÀtta som Àter av jordnötterna. En daggmask Àr ett vÄrtecken som heter duga. LikasÄ CanadagÄsen som sin placering i snö trotsallt signalerar vÄr. TÀnk att taklöken Àr sÄ vackert rosaröd. Ha en skön helg! Zinnia

    • I sent your comment to Google Translate and this is what they thought it said in Swedish.

      What images and poetry you are bidding on. Remember that just Arrived tulip-leaf can be as beautiful up close. it is a Wheatear who eats peanuts. A worm is a sign of spring that look quite respectable. Similarly, Canada goose as its placement in the snow after all our signals. Imagine Sempervivum is so beautiful pink / red. Have a great weekend!

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