Ever Feel Like This?

And find out how really lucky you are?

Ever feel this way? Like you are in the big fishbowl, one of the multitudes? Wishing for more, hoping to get out in the open waters?

Actually, these are very lucky Pisces. They are feeder goldfish that are about half pound, frying size now. They were doomed to feed the Florida Gars in another tank many years ago when just tiny, little swimmers, for some reason became worth saving. My husband felt sorry for them. Was it those big fishy eyes, their gaping mouths silently pleading for help? The crafty way they avoided the Gars?

They are as big as some Koi and are around ten years old now, living in a 32 gallon tank. They are getting a 55 gallon tank soon too. The life of a pampered pet…. and they thought I was going to feed them. Sorry guys, you are plump enough.


11 thoughts on “Ever Feel Like This?

  1. I love their color and their faces are cute! So good of your husband to have saved them! I never had luck with fish. When I was a kid they were always floating on the top of the fish bowl the next morning. We tried them several times to no avail. So, needless to say I am very wary to try them again as much as my children plead. No worries, my kids about to inherit a bearded dragon as my cousin is moving to Switzerland and can’t take it overseas. Hopefully better luck than with the fish.

  2. Great pictures. I discovered only recently how big feeder fish can get. They are so cute (and cheap) when small, yet require more and more as they grow. They are very pretty, and I am glad you kept them and are enjoying them now.

  3. Beautiful photos as usual. They are lovely fishes, but when we really look at them closely, they seem to be lonely and asking for help. I think most fish are like that even if they are in the big ocean. Do you know why? We have the idea that a happy mouth is slanted upwards, as in smileys, haha! Those fishes have theirs downwards at the sides. I think they have the most misleading faces. LOL.

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