Have a Heart Mother Nature

Turn up the heat so we can turn it down.

I am appealing on behalf of all the creatures big and small.

The deciduous encased in ice.

For all the frosty, snow laden conifers.

And those reaching for the sun.

Even for those that chip and spall.

For the buds waiting in the bullpen.

For the berries yet to come.

And for us…Please.

Before we pack up our garden supplies and head southward on golden wing.


15 thoughts on “Have a Heart Mother Nature

  1. Such great pictures and commentary! I loved reading this post. I enjoy pictures of a “real winter” although I am glad I am not there in person. You made it very vivid for me.

  2. Mother Nature has heard you. She’s turning up the heat, slowly and gradually, just the way you would enjoy it.

    I love your photos. If it hasn’t been this freezing cold for you, I wouldn’t be enjoying your lovely photos of icicles.

  3. Dear Donna, Of course, as we all know, it will all happen when Nature is well and truly ready and certainly not a moment before! In the meantime, patience is the order of the day and revel in the winter wonderland scenes which I have so enjoyed seeing. Remember that spring also brings WORK!!

  4. Donna Dear, Mother Nature will as Edith so wisely states . . . continue on her course. The hard thing is seeing so many others being able to enjoy their gardens, while we are looking out on snow, and more snow! Still we will have our day with spring, when she is ready to come our way. Lovely photos!! Proving winter is a beautiful time of year.

  5. I am vascillating which between that first photo and your photo of the oakleaf, i love more! This has a lot of drama too. But i like all your photos here of course. You are experiencing so much snow and cold temps, can you please turn the fan higher to blow more of the cold air in this direction? It is now starting to get hot here, as the dry season is seeping in. Our deciduous trees are now shedding their leaves. Unlike your trees, ours just turn brown and fall off, that simple!

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