GGW Picture This Contest


Is all I need to say…

I am submitting an image above to the Gardening Gone Wild, Picture This contest. I appreciate the opportunity to show a special place minutes from my home. I am a constant visitor and am never bored by what I find.


13 thoughts on “GGW Picture This Contest

  1. When I looked at all these photos, I picked the one which I thought would best represent the “genius loci” that is the focus of the GGW contest. And you submitted the one I thought was the best representation! The first photo above is also stunning and representative of the season. Well done!

  2. Donna I can feel the cold strength of these photos and they have such beauty…any would be worthy of the award…I am sheepishly submitting something but not until the 21st…I can never quite capture garden or landscapes the way I want with my little Canon Sureshot but I am still trying…

  3. It’s been years since I visited the falls in winter. IMO it’s the best time to go. For those than have not – as stunning as these photos are they don’t even come close to the real thing. The falls almost take a backseat compared to the fantasy landscape of frost on Goat Island.

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