Bring in the Lemons

Louvre open the windows and bring the lemons inside here in Rancho Santa Fe.

This is a guest home on a larger estate. I am only focusing on this small residence. To see more….

The images reflect a design by David Dalton and the home was photographed by Roger Davies for Veranda, May/June 2010

There are a couple of keys in the image above for a transition from inside to outside. First, notice there are window seats. Second, the grand window opening allowing the fresh air in and the fabulous view out is a given, but also notice another factor so readily overlooked. The allure of fragrance.

The trellised Bougainvillea with its honeysuckle sweet fragrance is planted framing the two windows. Lemons are planted adjacent. Can you imagine the fresh, sweet feel you would get in a place such as this? Lemons even decorate the table along with a vase of fresh flowers in a coordinating color no less.

I love his use and mix of pattern with a simple yet adventurous use of blue and white to balance out the strength of the pinks.

Notice, not only is the pattern in the fabric, but also in the furnishings in the form of textural and inlaid pattern. And of course rug on rug on tile. Pattern, layering and texture abound in nature, so have it all indoors too.

The designer of this space and home was inspired by the landscaping of hundreds of Meyers lemon trees growing outside to create this retreat inside. The property is sited with a large main home and has many citrus trees of oranges and lemons. Lemons were a driving factor in color selection for the main homes interiors.

So if Dalton can be inspired by the color and fragrance of the citrus, so can you. Always think about what is right around you for inspiration. Bring the outdoors in and let the indoors address what you find outside. Simpatico is the word of the day.


9 thoughts on “Bring in the Lemons

  1. Love that courtyard! I wish there was some way to incorporate a courtyard into my front yard…I don’t think the HOA would be too happy about it. The feeling of coziness and privacy is so attractive and the shape of the walls and “windows” is lovely! It is citrus time again…making a key-lime pie for my husband is on the to-do list! Have a great weekend Donna.

  2. Donna, I could sit at the window the whole day long looking at that beautiful view. I love the last design too. No lawn, just hardscape and plants all the way. The agaves are outstanding.

  3. Blue, white, and yellow is one of my favorite color schemes, but what I love about this space is the pink bougainvillea. Sitting at that window would be a peak into heaven! Thanks for a most refreshing post.

  4. When designing a landscape it is essential that the surrounding enviornment be incorporated so the house and surroundings become ONE. Just as the colour blue is repeated in the interior, so should outdoor elements be brought inside and the reverse.
    Beautiful post and an excellent point made.

    This is my second visit to your blog, look forward to more.

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