Going South with GreenApples

Going South, pen and ink with gouache wash

I thought I would take a moment to talk about this new blog Green Apples. I announced it on my blog Garden Walk Garden Talk, but I am finding so many of you to be surprised to find me here.

I started the blog with a friend of mine, Leah. She enjoys reading blogs, but has been involved with the interior design portion of blogging as a faithful reader for many years. She was a sales rep for a fabric manufacturer that I dealt with while working at an architectural firm in Buffalo, New York and has been a  good friend for many years. In fact, I told her how wonderful the garden bloggers are and she is having a great time perusing the blogs.

We thought it might be fun to do a crossover blog tying both interiors and exteriors together. As an architect, I always believed in having a smooth transition to a design, where the inside of a structure flows seamlessly through the space and expresses itself nicely with the landscaping. My training is as a building architect, yet I saw this important cohesiveness often lacking in design.  The architecture will or should govern the design, but sometimes this is not the case. You should be able to read the design as one cohesive whole, not a sum of its parts.

My intent here is to show how the design process works and how it translates to reality. And of course, help you the readers have this work for you by inspiring you in some small way and maybe giving a few design tips you can use. Most of all, I want to post beauty, color and inspiration.

The blog is about gardens and that is what you will mostly find. You will see many images of garden design and interior design and how the two work together. I am posting my kitchen design tomorrow and hope you stop back. There are many photos and of course a lot of information too.

It is so cold in Niagara Falls and Buffalo today, I added the penguins to show Brrrrr.

And I know there are not spruce trees in Antarctica where my Emperor Penguins are located. It is artistic license. They also do not wear Santa hats either. Just a little humor.

Also, see a new blog, not yet approved on Blotanical. I recommended she join. Please stop in and give her a warm welcome. It is Hartwood Roses. Connie knows her stuff on roses. Many gorgeous images and I enjoy her blog very much. I absolutely know you will too.

Mommy, Mommy! A colored pencil sketch.


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