Is Blue You?

Design cues can be taken from many places. First, from the imagination of the designer.

They can be inspired by nature.

They can originate with the intricacy of the architecture.

Design can flow from inside to outside.

Color and pattern can be used with other design tools like repetition.

Nuances of color can be affected by light.

Nature lends us a hand and forges ideas.

This wonderful design is in the new Veranda and is the home of a designer. No telling what was the inspiration. but like her, I too am “over the moon about blue.”

I hope you are seeing what I am seeing. I see inspiration and a flow from inside the home to the outside. The colors, feel and textures keep a continuity to the design. Granted it is a Beverly Hills location, and most of the continuity is through fabrics and furnishings, but you can see flowers adorning the interior and exterior of the home.

Taking cues from wildlife and flowers is a great way to start a design. Sometimes I use textiles, but often it may start with something as ordinary as these blue jays you keep seeing.

I look at their coloring and patterns and paint the outside with blues, blacks and whites.

The vibrancy sings in a garden.

The cool colors afford  a relaxing environment in which to have a seat at the end of a long day.

So are you blue too? Go to Roses and Stuff to the meme Feeling Blue to see more blue posts. Thank you to Roses and Stuff for having the theme today.

All images except the four Veranda shots are by GreenApples.


17 thoughts on “Is Blue You?

  1. Wow..what a gorgeous post all in blue! Wonderful! I will add it into the blue archive! Thanks for your lovely email! I will add it in soon as I get a chance! Beautiful blog..lovely to meet you!

  2. Your blue posting is fabulous. Love how you mixed the plants with the home interiors. I will say I do not have much blue inside or out. I think I should fix that.

  3. well as blue and has always been my most fav colour I love. love, love this post, living in a cool climate with a north facing living room and blue being a cool colour I had to for go it in my main room but I have a light, fresh pale blue kitchen and a blue workroom,
    I would love to get more blue flowers in my garden my best are the blue lupins that flower all summer long and are seen from my kitchen window,
    I would love those tall windows in the house above, Donna did you know that when Charles Rennie MacKintosh designed Hill House at Helensburg he incorporated flower designs into the wall decoration and planned the patio and garden for a seamless transition from house to garden, as you say the older designers did it best, Frances

  4. Lovely post! To bring the outside into our inner realms is refreshing and blue is one of my favorite colors too. I must confess however I may think Blue Jays to be beautiful . . . their manners are lacking! You have captured their best side. ;>) Stunning blog! Glad to have found you over at Blotanical. Happy New Year! Carol

  5. hello Donna I’m replying here to your comment on my blog, I thought I remembered reading your description of this blog some where but can’t remember where, I had a feeling you had said you were doing it with a friend, is friend also joining us on blotanical or is that just you?
    your wetland sounds interesting is it reclaimed land? the moor here was nearly subotaged when big company wanted to dig lots of it up to install wind turbines, I am pro green energy but not when you are creating more pollution than saving, thats when I found out about the European protection of the moor,
    thank you for the fav I will fav green apples as a thank you, there are so many blogs on blotanical and I only have so many favs to use so I have been treading very carefully but I think maybe a bit too carefully, I have been hesitating for sometime about faving GWGT and a few other blogs, silly really,
    looking forward to 2011, may it be a great year for gardeners, Frances

  6. What a wonderful blue post. To me, blue stands for the calm and tranquil ocean and the sky. It is a soothing colour. Recently, I have found that there are actually many varieties of blue flowers I can grow in my garden and they are indeed lovely. I will be putting your blogs, Green Apples and GWGT in my blog roll at

    Cheers to your blue beauties! Congratulations on the new blog, on you entry to Blotanical and Happy New Year 2011!

  7. Hi! Happy 2011! Love your post. Your photos are gorgeous. I especially like the blue jays. They are not common here at all. After blue, what other colors would you be showing? I am excited to see your future colors.

  8. Thank you everyone for leaving your really nice comments. And special thanks to Kiki. I joined her meme courtesy of Diana from Elephant’s Eye. There will be more blue to come with water as the cue. Also, my kitchen for tomorrow is blue, grey and white. And how the blue and grey moved outdoors. Come see the process and the small kitchen design.

  9. How wonderful, well done! You have found so many lovely blue things. I thing blue is a wonderful colour in my garden.

    I wish you a great weekend/ Tyra

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